logo1 How to Choose a Reputable Renovator

       Home owners that take a few precautions when choosing a renovator will probably have a satisfactory renovation experience. Asking  the following questions could save a lot of  aggravation down the road

         Is the company a SAWDAC member? All SAWDAC members have been in business for a minimum of three years, carrying liability insurance provide a five year workmanship warranty and abide by SAWDAC CODE OF ETHICS.

         Did they make a proper presentation? Quality renovators act in a business-like fashion. They make (and keep) appointments. They present themselves well. They explain their products and services with expertise. They answer your questions clearly and directly. They don’t exaggerate.
          Ask for References

          Reputable contractors will not hesitate to provide the names and addresses of customers for whom they’ve done work.

(Text provided by S.A.W.D.A.C.’s “Nail Down A Quality Job” brochure.)

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